Technical Artist / Environment Artist

Gameplay Prototypes
Here you can find a mix of prototypes made in the Fairytale Fights 1 Engine.

Some of them were planned to be taken into further development for Fairytale Fights 2,
others were personal prototypes or prototypes for specific assignments

In this first movie you can see a prototype of a cave, where the cave starts to explode and the player has to outrun it.
All the kismet scripting and the design is done by me.

In this second movie you can see a prototype of an elevator.
In stead of attacking the player, the enemy is attacking the chains of an elevator.
This creates a different kind of gameplay for the player.

In the next movie you see the same scene, but here the player fails the challenge.
After I finished these small prototypes in a short time, I was asked, together with 2 team members, to create a better workflow.
The result of this assignment is a workflow document and a small map. The map proves all the concepts written in the document.

A small movie of the map can be found here. Please note that everything you see here is made within 2 weeks, by only 3 people.
I also created a survival map for Fairytale Fights 1.
The goal is to survive as long as possible and survive all the waves of enemies.

There are a total of 9 waves in this prototype. Each wave getting stronger and containing more enemies.
If the player dies, the game will be over.